Emergency Repair

We are there when it counts.

Let us repair your mobile unit. Our experts will repair the defect quickly, so you can resume your operations as soon as possible.

Every problem has a solution! Our repair services are suitable for minivans, vans, pick-up vans, platforms, refrigerated boxes and specialized products.

  • Undercarriage replacement and repair
  • Floor replacement and repair
  • Changing of unit insulation
  • Repair of unit panels
  • Repair of Waltco lifts
  • Unit transfert from an old chassis to a new one
  • Replacement and repair of “Roll-Up” vertical rolling doors
  • Rear bumper replacement or repair
  • All types of accident repairs

Our mobile unit repairs are certified with the Transport Canada National Safety seal.

Mobiles Units Repairs

FRS can carry out all mobiles units repairs, while maintaining superior quality. Our expertise in the field of vans ensures effective repairs with a quick turnaround time. Also, because we only use materials with superior properties, our repairs are the most effective on the market.

Special Projects

We can create anything you can imagine. Our team can design special projects, even if there is nothing similar on the market. Just contact us to find out more about the possibilities and the availability of our production team.

Flexible Schedule

FRS offers a flexible schedule. In case you need an urgent repair, you can contact our team starting from 6:30 AM and bring your truck in at 6:45 AM. Our team will do everything it can to repair your van so you can get back to your activities as fast as possible.

Accessories for Sale

If you want to do your own repairs, Fourgons Rive-Sud offers a wide selection of parts that are available in stock and/or to order. Depending on your needs, we always have over a thousand different products in stock for your repairs and maintenance. No matter what your need, we can get it for you.

Manufacture of Custom Van Parts

Contact us if your van requires special or non-standard parts. Our specialists will manufacture custom parts based on your specific requirements and with special materials. After installing the part, you will notice the difference in performance and during your operations.

Need Help?

Our mobiles units repair specialists will advise you on the best repairs for your truck body.

Call us at 450 646-6398 ext. 2