Lowered floor with wheel houses

“Loan plastic” interior finish

1/8″ thick Line-X polyurethane covering installed on pine floor, and 12″ up side and front walls

1 1/8″ thick laminated maple floor treated with a protecting layer of varnish

3″ X 5″ galvanized 1/4″ thick structural steel kick angle embedded and bolted to undercarriage at front of truck body

15″ high galvanised folded steel kick plate embedded in floor with 1″ deviation to protect door track

Interior shelving system made of expanded aluminium with aluminium tube structure

24″ Threshold plate of nonskid hot dipped galvanised checker plate installed and embedded in rear door entrance of truck body

Interior view of translucent roof

Fully washable interior finish in “Kemlite” and inverted “T” aluminum floor.